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Stump Removal and Grinding 

Now that the tree removal is done, that stump poses a hazard. get rid of the waste of space and reclaim your landscape. Some great examples of why to remove a stump:

  • It's unsightly, most people don't want to look at it.

  • Stumps take years to decay and rot away.

  • Stumps can damage mowers resulting into more cost and repairs.

Stump grinding with TORO stx 26
After stump grindings are cleaned up

We save our clients $ by making only 1 trip vs 2 trips to your property. When removing a tree and stump, many companies will make two separate trips with two separate crews using gas and man power, which is an added cost to their customers. In most cases, we can remove a tree and grind the stump in that same day, saving you big bucks.


Stumps in Denver's tight urban setting are one of our many expertise. Have a stump that's hard to grind? Our machines can safely go up and down steep hills and even stairs; We're operating some of the most versatile grinders in Lakewood.

After the stump is removed, a new tree can be installed or the area can be renewed. Removal of a stump can leave a big mess of debris to deal with, it's possible to make it look like there wasn't even a stump there in the first place.

"..I will definitely be using them in the future to replace my trees and for ongoing trimming. Thank you!"

Kim W.

The difference is our quality.

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