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Our Past Quality Work

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Tanglewood is the tree company to go to, excellent work ethic at a fair price. 


They were prompt and on time when they said they would be there.

 Tanglewood will address ANY concern you have, believe me.


Other companies failed me more than once, or didn't even follow through.


Thanks again, and I look forward to using you for any yard issues I might have in the future.


Marcus C.

Tanglewood came out and took out four crabapple trees from my backyard.


I was amazed at how cleanly he was able to take them out without any disturbance to the ground around the trees.

I couldn't even tell there were trees

there to begin with.


The price was fair and I will definitely be using them in the future to replace my trees and for ongoing trimming. Thank you!

Kim W.

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