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Tree Planting

  • Pick a variety with or without aspects best for you, such as dropping fruit, thorns, drought tolerance and disease resistant in prone conditions; don't worry we're here to help.



  • Pick a place in the yard that the tree will do the best, keep a trees full mature size in mind, avoid steep hills over a 35% grade and areas prone to flooding.

  • The beginning is the most important time of a tree's life, hiring a skilled and professional tree planter is the best way to ensure that a tree will live long and healthy.

Note: due to high levels of EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) in colorado, we have postponed Ash tree plantings until further notice.

Potted trees in plant nursery
Removal and planting of trees before and after
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How to plan and order for a tree that will survive beautiful Colorado

 Our local nursery 

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